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Joelle Kem Lika

Artist Statement

To look… to feel… to manifest my love of Nature, its strength, its orgasmic energy, that gives birth to, and expresses itself in an infinite variation of shapes, flowers, lights in the sky… I feel a source, a pulse of Life, continuously renewed, always present, in me, and in all things alive : I admire the fragile flower,
so determined, that grows on concrete, in spite of all the odds…
My "finite" painting opens to the Infinite. Where the figurative or abstract shapes, uncluttered or detailed, become movement, vibrations, emotions of joy, of peace…
Acrylic, watercolors, Indian or colored inks, I have chosen techniques that are instantaneous, explosions of energy, that dry quickly, demand a steady rhythm, a subtle play between mastery and letting go, the intention and the surprise.
To grasp the essence of this pulse of Life… ancestral and utterly contemporary.


At age 20 I moved to Paris and studied at Atelier Albers for two years, a school that prepares pupils who wish to join any of the major Art and Decoration schools in France. The classes were taught by two painters and an architect.

Simultaneously I discovered psychology, psychoanalysis and Sophrology in which I took a great interest. I chose this profession and was a psychotherapist in Paris for over 25 years.

I continued to draw and paint, went to fine arts school in Auxerre, Burgundy. I have a country house there. 10 years of happy exploration... and a lot of personal work.

I ended my therapist career in 2006 at age 51 to become a full time professional artist. I started a new life and concentrated on my passion for painting.

After a number of exhibits all over France since 2000, I have created my own "La LiLa" galleries :

-March 2007 in Burgundy near Chablis, in the workshop of my country house and later that year I bought the village café and turned it into a gallery and tea shop.

-In 2009 I have opened my workshop in Lacanau by the Atlantic Ocean and in 2011 I had an extension built.

-In February 2010 I have opened my gallery in the heart of Paris, near Les Halles and the bustling Montorgueil street.